Traditional carp tattoo images and meaning explanation

Do you know what carp tattoo mean? Let’s read my post

Carp is quite representative in the traditional tattoo design, one of the first in Asia is very popular a kind of auspicious animals.Is popular with tattoo lovers.Carp as a symbol of the meaning of many, because the pronunciation of “fish” and “yu” is a homonym, on behalf of this will have a balance.The pronunciation of “carp” and “benefit” is the same, so the carp also used to symbolize the business revenue and profit.The tradition of the Chinese New Year’s day when the family reunion dinner must have fish, this also on behalf of the prosperous New Year in the home, hope to live a year of business such as running water, could save the savings.Not only that, the fish is also widely used to explain the feng shui said, can be lucky, recruit, and can also block, avoided a disaster. 

carp tattoo images and meaning explanation

    In fact, the most widely legend about carp is the story of “the carp jump longmen” legend over the longmen carp can displace the dragon and general drawing are the body of the fish with a tap, called aojiang, vice is still isn’t over the carp.So “the carp jump longmen” is often used to describe through unremitting efforts and struggle, success, after all, change their status, worker of miracles.In ancient times often used to describe, after cold window study hard earning fame into the officialdom. 
Carp design also is very cultured in the middle of the tattoo, size more big more pointed, the bigger the full body.Color can be in red, blue, black, etc., concrete depends on personal preferences…Design the head can be up or down, again tie-in water waves or lotus can make carp more vivid.Looking at carp free migration between the skin, seems to design with all his body swinging movements.